This is only recomended for dogs that are in very good health and I`m not responsible for any damage during your training.
I do this in a safe way and that is also what I will teach you.

I love this trick! It`s power, energy, focus and alot of motivation!

I have several tips on how to solve this and also several exercises and games I do to get to the right trick over time.
The dog needs to be fit and also have a high drive for toys.
It`s ALOT of energy in this one.

This trick is released on the 1th of january 2021!

Choose your course - add to cart and head over to paypal to pay. Once you have done that - send me an email and I will let you in to the group.
You then have access in the facebookgroup for 6 months.
Ask me questions, add videos of your progress and see how others are doing too ;)
post for any questions


You have access for 6 months - and everything is then ready for you in a facebook group. During that time you can ask questions and also post videos of your progress.
You can start/stop when ever you want.