The amazing Emmy Marie Simonsen from Denmark is holding a online HTM seminar for us!

EUR 120.00

Lær hvordan du lager din første rutine i freestyle

NOK 1,000.00

When you book online coaching you will get the following
* 6 times (6 hours - 1 hour each time) meeting on zoom
* Help with what your struggling with in tricks/freestyle/obedience
* Building a routine or help with existing routine
* Facebook group where you also can ask questions if your stuck during training.

EUR 250.00

Hvordan du fra dag 1 skal lære hunden din å gå pent i bånd.
Videoer, skriftlig beskrivelser, øvelser og eksempel forklaringer.

NOK 1,000.00

Tricks for beginners! How to train easy and fun tricks with your dog.
This will strengthen the bond between you and your dog too and will be a good help in the way to other cool things and dogsports.

EUR 50.00

Finally it`s here!
Online DISTANCE work class!

Access for 1 year after phurcase ;)

EUR 95.00