Online dogtricks seminar

Who can take this class?
This class is for everyone that wants to have fun with their dog and need alittle push to start tricktraining with their dog.
Tricks = better cooperation and focus with your dog
We start at the very beginning with step by step videos and also written descriptions on how you can do cool tricks with your dog.
Only positive methods is used in this training.
The cool thing is that this will fit the novice as much as the expert.

This seminar is perfect if you just want to know what tricks are or wants better bond with your dog.

Everything from 8 weeks to 12 years. (Not all tricks will fit all dogs so you have to decide for yourselfe what is best for you.

Some of the tricks that are in this seminar is

4 paws in a small bowl
Skip limp
Ballerina (crossing legs walking ahead)
Sit pretty
Go around me
Roll ower
Cross your paws
Jump up in my arms
Jump hoop (made from my arms)
Walk on hind legs
A and B (front paw lift)
Take a bow
Back up around me
Say your prayers
Play dead
Walk on hind legs
Back up - turn and scoot trough your legs
Distance work