Singeltrick - Ballerina

In this tutorial you will find 3 guides and lessons with videos - step by step descriptions, including examples and final results.All the lessons are ready in a closed facebook group. You can log in and check when ever you want.You have access to the group for 1 year after phurcase.

This trick is an advaced trick that you probably have to use a little time on, but its so worth it. To see the dog working on coordination, strength and balance - with you - priceless.

Ballerina! Walking forward with crossing your legs!

It`s 2 ways to enter this seminar
1. Selfe studie - cost 35Euro for 1 year access. No feedback - Pay HERE
2. With an instructor. Get feedback and help along the way. 65 euro for 1 year access. - Pay HERE

Come and join the fun!