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Zoom * 3 session

Do you need help, tips, inspiration and motivation to achive your goals? 

This is Zoom 3 times lessons!
OBS! Limited spaces left before christmas!

I can help with
Dogdance freestyle
Focus and motivation
Toy and food drive
Switch between modes

What you get

  • 45 min zoom
  • 1:1
  • Help with what you need help with

What you will get back

  • Unlimited answer to any questions you may have regarding dogtraining during our zoom session
  • A plan on how to work from here

This is how this works

We schedule a time when both me and you can have a zoom session.
You will get 40 min times 3 so use them well.
I suggest you write down what you need help with so we can cover it during our sessions.
I also suggest that it is 7 - 14 days or more between the sessions so you have time to practice.


You will need a camera/phone so we can connect.
Space to show me what you need help on

Looking forward to hear from YOU! ;)

Post if you have any questions before booking ;)

Online privat lesson * 3

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