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Over the rainbow bridge

Gone, but never forgotten


My once in a lifetime soulmate and bestfriend

No words can describe this dog. She tought me EVERYTHING I know. She was BEST in everything she did. In her carrier, she only "lost" 1 competiton in dogdancing in Norway (2 place). She won ALL the others!
She was so smart, so nice - had the greatest personality and a work ethic I have not seen in any dog I have ever owned before.
BUT .. she had a heart condition. Thats why I retierd her after Crufts in 2022. I wanted her to just enjoy life, train when she wanted to, run around, walks and play with the other dogs as long as she wanted to!
She did <3
And she was a part of the crew that performed just 2 weeks before she passed.

I love you Vega and I promise that I will never EVER forget you!
Where roses never dies - I`ll see you again <3


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