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Shows and lectures

The last 10 years we have traveled around the world in between competitions to have trickshows and lectures.
Beeing hard of hearing with hearing aids - and do dogdancing is a special experience, but I love every second of it.

We have been to alot of big events for years now.
Oslo dogshow (One of the biggest dogs shows in Norway)
Camp villmark (camp wilderness)
Tv shows, theaterplays and comercials

We can be booked for trickshows, seminars, lectures, advertisement, theaters and
movies. We already have a long list of things we have done the last decade.

Run Team Bissevov since 2006.
It`s courses, seminars, lectures and shows with the dogs.

We also do comercials, movies and tvshows.
Winner of the international dogdancing competition at
CRUFTS in 2022

Followed by Disney for 1 year to the tv show
"The secret life of dancing dogs" - Season 1
4 times national champion in dogdance
National team in Norway since 2016
Nordic championchip
World championchip
Approved visitingdogs for the red cross
Approved heerding dogs
Norways got talent
Swedens got talent
Trick shows all over Europe the last 8 years
My dogs has also been used on different theaters since 2012 (15 different plays)
If you want to book us

Please feel free to contact us for booking


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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