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Team Bissevov

Come and join the fun!

Team Bissevov started "on a wims" in 2006. I wanted a name that described me, the dogs and what we are doing.
I had competed in dogsports with different dogs since 2000 so I was already a few years in when I found this name. It`s not very "english friendly", but I`m from Norway and I LOVE it. Have to say that I did not think of "being international" when I found it.
In Norway - the word "Bissevov" is a slang for "dog" - seen with a childs perspectiv. Thats why I love it.
Team - means me and the dogs are always a team - so together that`s
"Team Bissevov". The last few years I have also added "Dogtraining" after Team Bissevov. (just because it`s not very english friendly and
Vega came in to my life and changed it for ever in 2011. I`m for ever greatful for that. And of course Kanutten in 2016, Tjorven in 2020 and Sirius in 2021.
I also have some good soulmate that have crossed the rainbow bridge.
"Where roses never die"


Our sponsors

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