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Marianne Elise Methi

      Team Bissevov Dogtraining

My name is Marianne Elise Methi and I`m a professional dogtrainer located in Norway. I have been training dogs all my life, but professionaI since 2002. I have 4 dogs from  1 year to 10 years old and together we are Team Bissevov.

We have seminars and shows all over the world too - and also online seminars - now both in Norwegian and english!
Sharing what I know of dogtraining is my passion!


Online seminars

Everything is ready for you

  • Video and written descriptions
  • Everything in english
  • Wordclass dogtrainer
  • Train your dog when and where you want
  • Download the app and follow there too
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Live seminars and shows

We travel the world

  • We compete on the national team in dogdancing.
  • 4 times national champion
  • Winner of the international freestyle at CRUFTS 2022
  • We hold seminars and trickshows
  • Contact us for bookinginfo
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Online privat lessons

From anywhere in the world

  • Book us for zoom meetings
  • Dogtraining on a very high level
  • Everything in english (or Norwegian)
  • Ask, train and have fun with your dog
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Come and join the fun! 

Online dogtraining