English online courses!

After many requestst - we have started to translate some of our trick lectures to english!
The first one is released in april 2020 - and with an early bird price!

About me

My name is Marianne Elise Methi - proffesional dogtrainer from Norway. I have my own dogtraining school and I also travel all over to have seminars, compete in different dogsports and also do comercials, theaters, movies and all kinds of things with the dogs.
* Been on the national team in dogdancing since 2016
*Competed in WC, EC and nordic championchip and I`m also 2 times national champion on freestyle.
* Now we compete in the highest class in rally obedience and obedience. We also compete in frisbee freestyle. I have 1 certified heerdingdog and also 2 certefied theraphy dogs for the red cross.
* In 2020 I`m also going to the WCOPA in the USA!
* As seen on Norways got talent, Swedens got talent and several tvshows here in Norway.
 kurs@bissevov.no for any questions - or send us a mail if you want all info about paying on email and I will send you straight away.

Trick class 1

Lifelong subscription
Facebook group trough the whole time
with the instructor.
Put up own videos and see others
30 modules
Written explanation
Video step bye step for every trick
After that it`s 99€