English online courses!

We`re about to translate all our popular trickdog seminars to english!
The first one is our novice class

About me

My name is Marianne Elise Methi - doginstructor located in Norway. Had dogs "all my life", but trained my own since 2000. Obedience was my main dogsport for 14 years until I found frisbee freestyle and dogdancing in 2015.
Now I`m on the national team in Norway in Dogdancing, we compete in the highest class in rally obedience and obedience. We also compete in frisbee freestyle. I have 1 certified heerdingdog and also 2 certefied theraphy dogs for the red cross.
I run my own dogtrainingbuisniss in Norway and hold classes all over Europe. 
We have also been in ceveral TV comercials, theaters and Tvshows. (Norway got talent (semifinal), Swedens got talent (Final) Britains got talent (that show`s still on) and there will be more to come ;) 
Post @bissevov.no for any questions :)

Online novice class

1 year subscription
Facebook group trough the whole time
with the instructor.
Put up own videos and see others
20 tricks
Written explanation
Video step bye step for every trick