I LOVE tricks - and when you put that together with distance work? Priceless!
I LOVE watching the dogs learn, have fun, build confidence and with them,  make advanced dogdancing routines that they also love working with.
Again - to see the dogs nail the routine and tricks from distance?
So come and join me!
In this online seminar I`ll show and tell how I do distancework with my dogs.

Skjermbilde 2020-04-11 kl. 10.03.40

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What can you find on this seminar?

How I do distancework with my dogs!


And lots of them too.

Modules and lessons

7 Modules
16 lessons

Step bye step explanation
Access for 1 year
Everything is up so start when you want
See when you want
Train when and where you want

How the course is set up

** - welcome

  • About the instructor and how I work.

**  - equipment

  • Introducing all the different equipment I use
  • Reward focus/point

**  Targets

  • Different targets
  • Start
  • Focus
  • Speed
  • Distance

** Tricks  - at a distance

  • Adding more distance and tricks

** Walking backwards - adding distance

** Lots of different exercises and games you can play with your dog to add distance