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Golden retriever (jaktlinjer)

Name: Kanutten
Born: 27th january 2016
Breed: Golden retriever from hunting lines
HD: Free B
AD: Free 0/0

My first ever golden retriever. She have tought me SO freaking much about this breed.
She us (extremly) food motivated
Knows what she wants
Works like a hero with a great working attitude (when she wants too)
She has been on the national team in freestyle dogdancing in Norway, but never competed in Nordic championchip or World championchip because of covid.
She have not been in a competitionring after that.

She has been to several big theaterplay`s as the dog "Sandy" in the musical "Annie"
In 2023/24 she had the role in the biggest theater in Norway - Folktheater in Oslo.
She has the role again this fall - 2024 and 2025

She is also been in several comercials and short movies and she`s a approved visitingdog trough Red cross in Norway.

She is already 8 years old so after this years Annie - she is going to retier ;)



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