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Camp Alpha`s Tjorven

Golden retriever

Name: Tjorven
Born: 14th of december 2020
Breed: Golden retriever (from huntinglines)
Regnumber: NO31046/21
HD: Free A
AD: Free 0/0

This little fireball is my own breeding. She`s after Kanutten - and Aquaseer`s  First Fighter "Abbe".
I really LOVE working with her!
We`re doing rally obedience, heelwork and a bunch of tricks together. She also loves to do frisbee ;)

Now we have had a time that has been difficult for me so I put all the competitions on "hold" for a while.
That does not mean that we don`t train.
When theater is done - we`re back in the game  - more ready than EVER!

She knows a bunch of cool tricks.
Take comands from others
Knows how to work in a stressful enviroment
Can work on a distance
The perfect movie/comercal dog
She was understudy for Kanutten at the theater for 3 months last year too.


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