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Privat lessons

Online privat lesson

Privat lessons is for those who wants the instructor for yourselfe. It`s often easier to learn new things without a lot of distractions.
1 on 1
50 min
Online (zoom)

* Tricks
* Every day obedience
* Freestyle
* Rally obedience
* Recall
* Leash walking
* Heelwork
* Play and rewards
* Different reward systems

You need internetconnection, a webcamera/phone/tablet.
You also preferebly need a dog to train.
The more you plan what to do before this lesson- the better the lesson will be.


  You can cancel your private lesson no later than 24 hours before the agreed meeting time. Cancellations made late will still be charged, exceptions apply to presentation of a veterinary certificate/medical certificate.

       One person, one hour: Euro 50

       Two people, one hour: Euro 90

       Two people, two hours: Euro 180

Use the contact sheet to book a time for a privatlesson

Book a privat lesson

Use the sheet to contact me for privat lessons

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