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Live courses

In person seminars

You can hire me to hold different types of courses within dogsports

Tricks and dogdance freestyle are my main areas.
I have also done rally obedience, frisbee freestyle and obedience for years.

I have my degree as a dogtrainer here in Norway and have been holding seminars all over Europe since 2006.

My main goal is to train my own dogs, but from time to time I set time off to hold seminars too.

I train with positive reinforcement, patient and clicker ;)
I`m a huge fan of letting the dogs "think for themselfe" and together we come to the best results.
Changing between modes (high and low) and breath!

1 day seminar - 600 Euro
2 day seminar 1100 Euro
Organizer is in charge of travel expences, stay (hotel) and food while I`m there.


Come and join the fun!

Contact us to check when there is time available

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