ROADTRIP! We`re in Birmingham in England for the BGT! And now we will go straigt to Stockholm in Sweden for the Nordic championchip next weekend
** We are qualified for the Norwegian national team in Dogdancing for both Nordic and World championchip! We`re not going to the WC, but will attend the Nordic in december.

Online Course

The PERFECT way to train when ever and where ever it suits you!
And ALWAYS open ;)
Seminars both in Norwegian and English!


"4 legged happypill - learn from your dog

A lecture where I tell about us and take you on a travel in my world of dogtraining and thoughts about it all.


We travel "all over the place" with our popular and fantastic trickshow.
As seen on the Norwegian got talen, Swedens got talent, events and teaters

Privat lessons

Rally Obedience
Frisbee freestyle
Online too! (skype - video)

Live seminars here

Here in Hobøl in Østfold. Different seminars with me or other instructors I hire!


You can hire us for trickseminars, shows and events when it suits you.
I`m one of Norways best trickdog instructors and travel all over Europe holding seminars in obedience. tricks and freestyle

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Marianne and the dogs have been in several teaterplays, shortmovies, musicvideos, comercials and several tvshows.

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